Saturday, 4 February 2012

PLUG ALERT - Kyle A. Carrozza

There are a great many reasons why Kyle Carrozza deserves to create his own animated series. And rather than make a big ol' essay of it, I'll bullet-point the best ones for you:
Artwork is strictly © to Kyle Carrozza. I own NOTHING.
  • A huge part of his life is spent playing and being inspired by retro video games, where even Donkey Kong remains cool today
  • He's got an ever-developing, orsum art style that is NOT - repeat NOT - related to John K's work in any form whatsoever. Cute girls, wacky cartoons, he's adaptable with both Computer and Traditional art forms
  • He's a talented singer / musician, having released a number of downloadable songs and albums
  • He also doubles as an insanely good voice artist
  • He animates and co-animates his own stuff - with as much frame-by-frame as made possible in Flash
  • He and John Berry have a popular web comic goin' on at Dumm Comics - Frog Raccoon Strawberry - although he has also drawn for and developed Dave Alvarez's Kee Kee Koki, in Spanish and English!
  • Next to his own, he's already drawn several covers for other peoples' albums
  • He's storyboarded on Fanboy and Chumm Chumm (Season 2)
  • He, like so many people unknown to Hollywood, has spent a worthwhile childhood with all the cool shows and comic books of yesteryear, and knows how to entertain today's generation, while keeping kids of the 80's / 90's equally happy.

But most important of all:

  • His own show concepts are good. REALLY GOOD. Like, unbelievably original and fun. No cowardly Great Danes or Direct-to-DVD rip-offs of any kind. Every idea he has is appealing, with fresh characters and humour suited for between the ages of 9 to 99. No two show pitches are alike in terms of concept.
  • And even his ideas / takes for existing names are brilliant - he's as faithful to them as a Dog. A highly-creative dog.
Still Kyle's artwork, but character is © of Nintendo. Created with Mechanical pencil, brush pen, and Prismacolor markers
So if you really want to make TV cool again, visit this big guy's main site and DeviantART page, or check out some of the shorts he's made so far in the Playlist below - which includes his Oh Yeah! Cartoons pilot, Moobeard the Cow Pirate! Then write to your local Studio or TV Station - Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, Disney-Zuper-Kewl-X - and give the exact same reasons I've mentioned here (or something along the lines anyway).

Thanks for reading =)

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