Friday, 11 November 2011


Music and Art both have something in common - the need to express one's feelings and / or creativities, through the smallest of doodles to the shortest of songs. Even animation, however comical or dramatic, has expressed the talents of the animators and Directors over the years.

Animusic brings the theme of timing animation to a particular soundtrack to a whole new level. Founded by Wayne Lytle in 1995, he and co-founder David Crognale have produced a new style of visualisations where "the music drives the animation" - quite literally according to the programmers.

Mixing stunning, imaginative CGI with incredible Midi-based scores, Animusic was released on DVD in 2004 and 2005 respectively as a series of music videos - originally intended for music/animation enthusiasts, they have since become popular for all ages. Wonderful stuff for the imagination if you're after something different =)

Check out a few videos from the DVDs, including the earliest Animusic video that set the ball rolling - More Bells and Whistles:

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  1. Funny how they kept that thing going so long. I remember seeing the one of the earlest of these as part of a collection of CG-animated shorts on video called "Computer Animation Festival Vol. 1.0".