Friday, 3 May 2013

Mudchute Farm Sketches

Too often I find that I'd doodle hundreds of ideas or pictures, then never get round to scanning / posting them for all to see. Decided to finally do something about that!

Mudchute Farm is one of my favourite places to visit. Such wide spaces and an array of animals to see there, I took the time to sketch a few on one recent visit. I soon learnt that I'd find it easier drawing animals from photographs rather than in "real time", but to each their own, I guess ;)

The chickens and turkeys were especially fun - from massive wattles to mad little "afros". One turkey, in particular, seem to be the "butler", constantly preening the feathers and plumage of a few roosters;

Next came birds and animals of the four-legged variety. Had wanted to practice drawing horses better, but they never seemed to want to stand still long enough. So settled for pigs, goats, alpacas and the odd sheep instead. Also had fun sketched some "abstract" designs for the Magpies and Crows fluttering about;

Finally, I decided to wander about for a bit - and up until then, I had no idea there were pens for small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, budgerigars) and waterfowl at Mudchute! Learn something new everyday, I decided to squeeze in one more page for good measure;

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