Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Well Snap Me Down...

...it's Sniz and Fondue! The two crazy ferrets who originally starred as a segment on Nickelodeon's "Kablam!" show, and were later granted their own short but sweet series.

...why isn't there any demand for shows like these!? The humour is off-the-wall mayhem with franticly funny performances from the cast themselves, all told in a perfect limit of 5 - 6 minutes. So here's a selection of the best this mini-series had to offer - with many thanks to creator Michael Pearlstein for the memories 8-):


  1. Yo amaba ese cartoon cuando era chica!!! era lo mas ese programa, y sin olvidar la legendaria LIGA DE LA JUSTICIA!!!
    muy lindo Blog!

  2. ¡Gracias tanto! significa mucho oyendo de usted, Samy! ^ ^

    ....ahem. Not bad, eh? ;)

  3. Actually, They started off in a short called "Psych for Snuppa" made by Courage the Cowardly Dog creator, John Dilworth. Crazy, right?

  4. I have all but two of these shorts, I am missing "Chicanery Chums" and "Psych for Snuppa"...anyone have a copy of these?

  5. Dilworth was assigned to help animate my pilot.. which later became / morphed into (simply) "Sniz & Fondue."

    he never created or wrote any of it.

    all written by me.. but sadly, farmed out to Israel (season one ) to save money.

    the result? an,off-model mess.

    by season 2 (with Fun Bag studio, Canada) things started looking more "on model".

    1. Oh, that is interesting. This is the sort of information one can never find when one needs it :P

      Have only just found your post, BTW. Thanks for posting!