Sunday, 27 December 2009

Roll on 2010...

Well folks, the end of 2009 is nigh, and looking back on the events I've experienced, I've learnt something very special....

This totally kicked the Asp of 2008! :D

Really, though, I realised that I've kept true to my resolution last year about trying new things, accepting change and being more outgoing. Which is a good thing because so much has happened throughout this year - thankfully most of them good than bad - that I've learnt that, at times, it seems pretty pointless to make even the most perfect of plans because for whatever reason, something or someone is bound to throw a spanner in the works.

Sure, some situations will get better, others you'd have to adjust to - but whatever happens, especially the latest muck-ups I've had these last two months at least, I've finally learnt to accept this age old phrase:

"Anything Goes."

So for 2010, this shall moreorless be my motto. If future plans do bugger up for me, I'll just grit my teeth and handle them as best I can regardless of the predicaments I face and their outcomes to follow.

I've also been making further plans for my own future to come - so expect to see this blog to be a little more active if all goes to plan - touch wood.

So for my final blog post this year, here's to a Happy (and hopeful) New Year :)

Friday, 18 December 2009

Three Angels...

....minus one caveman X)

Just some more Hanna-Barbera fan arts. Secretly, I had a little crush on the "Teen Angels" as a lad......any reason why? ^^;

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Monday, 14 December 2009

Various Fan Arts

OK, I will get round to doing a Christmas-related blog sometime this month, but first some random fan arts for your pleasure ;)

First off this chap - Dino by name used to be a mascot for a milkshake drink called "Yazoo", and also managed to star in some brief, short but memorable adverts some yoinks back. I often think about this guy from time to time. Such a shame they're really hard to come by, even on YouTube :P

Count Duckula, drawn from memory - need I say more? XD

Now this was fun - on the left is some fanart of Chuck Jones' earliest design for the Road Runner, which eventually became the familiar design (to the right) to this day =)

Finally, this one's for the UK fans - Sad Sack from "The Raggy Dolls"...which seriously needs a DVD release this time next century....!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Danger Mouse - Cat-astrophe

Danger Mouse is, without a doubt, one of Cosgrove Hall's best-selling cartoons in the world, alongside Count Duckula and the TV Series of The Wind in the Willows. Before politic correctness, before the dumbing down on kids intelligence, before the dreadful reign of Hanna Montana and Fairly Odd Parents, shows like Danger Mouse ruled our British Screens, and it was all thanks to the brilliant wit of Brian Trueman - the writer and voice actor of many of CH's shows at the time - that DM and Penfold are still fondly remembered over 25 years later.

Out of all the villians DM has encountered - Baron Greenback, Prof. Crumhorn, J. J. Quark - I've always admired PAWS for being a true physical threat to DM - relying on his own strength and mine-reading skills against our hero whereas the mentioned villains relied on schemes, divertions and other creatures to destroy DM instead of doing their own dirty work. Plus, Paws has a kick-A voice that matches his appearance perfectly :D

Not only that but what I like about this episode is, whilst most of the series run relied on reused animation, ala Hanna-Barbera, the "new" animation scenes involved are so much more smoother and slightly different compared to how the characters were drawn in, say, the first 2 seasons. My favourite sequence starts from 3:36 in the video. Notice how slightly chubbier DM and Penfold appear before and during their encounter with Paws.

Although I'm especially fond of the animation style at 7:10 when Penfold finds Colonel K - for some reason, the movement and apperance of the characters here puts me in mind of Peter Maddocks' funny old style. While a little stiffer-looking, it stills upholds the quality DM look throughout the remainder of the episode.

....and if anyone's tired of me rambling at this point, then rejoice by watching the episode itself! ;)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Salute for Collingwood O'Hare

Some various character arts in honour of British animation company Collingwood O'Hare - run by Tony Collingwood and Christopher O'Hare - who were responsible for bringing "Dennis the Menace" (The Beano) to our screens and the delightful but little-known "Animal Stories" on CITV from yoinks ago.

Today, they still entertain us with shows for the young and slightly older - including Gordon the Garden Gnome...

...and The Secret Show.

What else they may have in the pipeline? Who knows....but I surely hope it's as universal and joyful as, say, Yoko! Jakamoto! Toto! =)