Sunday, 27 December 2009

Roll on 2010...

Well folks, the end of 2009 is nigh, and looking back on the events I've experienced, I've learnt something very special....

This totally kicked the Asp of 2008! :D

Really, though, I realised that I've kept true to my resolution last year about trying new things, accepting change and being more outgoing. Which is a good thing because so much has happened throughout this year - thankfully most of them good than bad - that I've learnt that, at times, it seems pretty pointless to make even the most perfect of plans because for whatever reason, something or someone is bound to throw a spanner in the works.

Sure, some situations will get better, others you'd have to adjust to - but whatever happens, especially the latest muck-ups I've had these last two months at least, I've finally learnt to accept this age old phrase:

"Anything Goes."

So for 2010, this shall moreorless be my motto. If future plans do bugger up for me, I'll just grit my teeth and handle them as best I can regardless of the predicaments I face and their outcomes to follow.

I've also been making further plans for my own future to come - so expect to see this blog to be a little more active if all goes to plan - touch wood.

So for my final blog post this year, here's to a Happy (and hopeful) New Year :)

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