Monday, 14 December 2009

Various Fan Arts

OK, I will get round to doing a Christmas-related blog sometime this month, but first some random fan arts for your pleasure ;)

First off this chap - Dino by name used to be a mascot for a milkshake drink called "Yazoo", and also managed to star in some brief, short but memorable adverts some yoinks back. I often think about this guy from time to time. Such a shame they're really hard to come by, even on YouTube :P

Count Duckula, drawn from memory - need I say more? XD

Now this was fun - on the left is some fanart of Chuck Jones' earliest design for the Road Runner, which eventually became the familiar design (to the right) to this day =)

Finally, this one's for the UK fans - Sad Sack from "The Raggy Dolls"...which seriously needs a DVD release this time next century....!

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