Monday, 24 January 2011

January Cats

You'd think that with six cats at home, I'd be able to draw the feline form superbly...not so easy when none of them can stay still long enough for me to sketch 'em! :P

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sad Mexican

Just some more work on the Intuos Tablet.

No one does a Sad Mexican song better than Mel Blanc...!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hurray for Xilam!

First off: Happy New Year again to all - this being the first Blog post of 2011.

Second, more artwork is on the way, just a matter of sorting some other personal stuff out - quite soon, I hope.

But as I'm here, here's something to hopefully raise the sour spirits of all animation fans and reviewers, after putting up with the recent CGI "Yogi Bear" movie - and to cease the whining about the upcoming number of sequels/live-action revivals to follow in 2011:

I mentioned a few number of times in my Blog about French-based studio Xilam, who brought us such unsung shows as Space Goofs, Oggy & the Cockroaches, Ratz and the Lucky Luke feature-length movie; again, I cannot praise this studio's efforts to give us "real" cartoons to actually laugh and enjoy more than once rather than depend upon the usual cookie-cutter plots or set-ups more commonly seen in either America or (sadly) the UK - which are even then attacked by censor monkeys here and there. Hardly any sight of CGI or live-action flops to be seen on their site! :D

And in late 2010, they've announced a new animated series - Zig and Sharko. You can view the trailer/intro sequence below or check out more info on the series from Xilam's official page - and from what I've seen, and since it's "from the creators of Oggy & the Cockroaches", I know I'm certainly going to enjoy it when episodes start popping up! =D

Zig & Sharko
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