Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hurray for Xilam!

First off: Happy New Year again to all - this being the first Blog post of 2011.

Second, more artwork is on the way, just a matter of sorting some other personal stuff out - quite soon, I hope.

But as I'm here, here's something to hopefully raise the sour spirits of all animation fans and reviewers, after putting up with the recent CGI "Yogi Bear" movie - and to cease the whining about the upcoming number of sequels/live-action revivals to follow in 2011:

I mentioned a few number of times in my Blog about French-based studio Xilam, who brought us such unsung shows as Space Goofs, Oggy & the Cockroaches, Ratz and the Lucky Luke feature-length movie; again, I cannot praise this studio's efforts to give us "real" cartoons to actually laugh and enjoy more than once rather than depend upon the usual cookie-cutter plots or set-ups more commonly seen in either America or (sadly) the UK - which are even then attacked by censor monkeys here and there. Hardly any sight of CGI or live-action flops to be seen on their site! :D

And in late 2010, they've announced a new animated series - Zig and Sharko. You can view the trailer/intro sequence below or check out more info on the series from Xilam's official page - and from what I've seen, and since it's "from the creators of Oggy & the Cockroaches", I know I'm certainly going to enjoy it when episodes start popping up! =D

Zig & Sharko
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