Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ant and Aardvark - Tiger, Tiger

Egads, a new Blog Post?!!

Don't get too excited, folks...I know how long it's been.

You may remember how much I've praised the new Ant and Aardvark series, led by John Over and his team, and this is another reason. Whoever voices the tiger in this episode is certainly a dead ringer for Marvin Miller's interpretation from the original series (although technically, tigers don't often occur aardvarks in their part of the world so far as I know...but it IS a cartoon, so - meh :P )

Plus I adore the dialogue in the new A&A episode: it feels so natural and fun, true to each character - and you can tell that Kel Mitchell (Ant) is having a blast with improvs here and there =D

So for your enjoyment: the old with the new to compare and enjoy!

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