Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mr Hiccup

The most interesting thing about foreign cartoons is the fact that, somehow, they turn out to be a little bit more creative and unexpected from our British / American favourites - the most notable are those before or during the 80's.

Italian cartoons have been a small staple in my life, from Dad's side of the family; so it was not uncommon that I'd spend a few hours of my childhood watching Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and even Ox Tales in another language and country, yoiks before Digital TV really kicked off. Though it is a matter of time before a few of these are eventually broadcast worldwide, depending their international appeal.

Among the most obscure Italian cartoons, Mr. Hiccup, so far, seems to be taking the lead, with little info available anywhere bar YouTube. The premise was very simple: a little man suffers from eternal hiccups which, somehow, become more of a blessing than a curse.

The series of 39 episodes was brought to life by the Italtoons Corporation from the mind of Guido Manuli, who has collaborated with another famous Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto - including such shows as Mr. Rossi...

Below is the original Italian version and - rarer still - an English version. Enjoy the obscure nuttiness of both! =)


  1. They use to play the "English version" (really only in English because of the theme song and question asked to Mr. Hiccup at the end, that's all). In the US, The Disney Channel use to play Mr. Hiccup at irregular periods of the day, and I often saw them a lot there, but they also showed up on USA Network's "Calliope" program that showcased many unknown foreign shorts as well.

    Here's a couple other episodes to check out!

  2. These were also originally produced for Swiss Television as well I might add (the broadcaster RTSI). I think Italtoons Corporation was a US distribution firm that handed many of Bozzetto's films here for years.

    Here's a clip of Mr. Hiccup from the Calliope program I mentioned before.

  3. Many thanks for the additional info, Chris. Like I said, little things like what you've posted go completely under the radar when using Google or otherwise :P

  4. I know. Sometimes you have to look even deeper, or it just shows up unexpected sometimes.

  5. While I don't like waking up threads, I will like to point out apparently that broadcaster (or whoever) must hold onto Mr. Hiccup with a stern grip! Someone I know tried to include a short from an airing on The Disney Channel over here and got his video deleted thanks to it. I feel sorry that we may never get our Mr. Hiccup on across the Atlantic these days.