Saturday, 14 January 2012

Theodore Tugboat

Another little something for my friends overseas - this charming Canadian series from the 90's seems like an amalgamation of Thomas the Tank Engine and TUGS. But Theodore Tugboat, for those who remember it fondly, became a series of its own in terms of good storytelling and a fun character base to go round, consisting of the lead tugboats, various ships, barges, and even docks and buildings!

My first experience with Theodore Tugboat, I recall, was rather a strange one when the series had a brief run on Discovery Kids here in the UK during the late 90's (albeit with the Harbour Master scenes, played by Denny Doherty, cut out), which then prompted me to look up the show online. Since then, while it's not as grand as TUGS, my interest for it has grown little by little over time - and though a complete DVD release seems a long way off, we still have the wonders of YouTube to keep the spirit of the series alive until such a thing is possible.

Now updated with a new YT Playlist!

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