Thursday, 23 August 2012

Blimey! It's a New-Look Beano!

In comparison to the Dandy's move as a digital comic, here's a optimistic review on The Beano's latest revamp by long-standing comic artist Lew Stringer (who has also drawn strips for both comics among many others over the years). Best part of it has to be Dennis reverting back to his old Menacing self rather than keeping in-link with the current animated series on CBBC. Oh rapture! :D


  1. Oh thank god. All Beano fans wept when the new Dennis the Menace came on air. At least it's looking a bit more like the Beano now, but I still wish traditional art was involved more.

    1. All? There are people (including myself) who enjoy the series because people gave it a chance. I also like the 90s series and the new show has gotten me more interested in the Beano but I can understand if you just don't like it.

      I like changes (mostly) because it means that we can evolve as a society and get better over time. This is why we don't live in the stone age and besides, Dennis and Gnasher have been evolving gradually for the past 60 years so I don't see any fuss but honestly, even this new relaunch has it's problems but that's more personal preference.