Friday, 5 July 2013

Broomstick Cottage

It could be said that Broomstick Cottage was the 'Simon's Cat' of the early 90's - meaning that the series had been created by no less than three people "as a hobby", and which, while barely televised in the UK, was released to VHS cassette with no links or merchandise attached. It's one of the UK's obscure little wonders that many folks still remember today.

The series was set in the titular cottage owned by the elderly Mr. Bobbin and his magic cat Sponge, who are often "assisted" by the bumbling Father and Son duo, Harry and Garry Dabble - from putting up a lamppost to building a new garden shed, the Dabbles made messes that could only be compared to the Chuckle Brothers. And at times, Sponge would either lend a paw with some magic or just play tricks on Harry and Garry. A very simple but amusing series, proving that in this case "less is more".

All 13 episodes were written by Barry Jackson, animated by Mike Mellor (with Barney Reyner at camera) and narrated by Keith Railton, who also lent his voice to another obscure stop-motion series, Edward and Friends...but that's another blog post for another time!

Now enjoy the entire single series from the Broomstick Cottage Playl -

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