Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nellie the Elephant - Terry Ward

So far as I know, a small number of animated shows have been inspired by a popular song of a particular time. One example is the lesser-spotted Yakkity Yak, and the other is today's topic - Nellie the Elephant.

The original song dates back to 1956 - written by Ralph Butler and Peter Hart, it was first sung by child actress Mandy Miller for the BBC, and has since had countless versions recorded and sung by a great many number for children - including, most popular of all, the Toys Dolls's rendition.

So popular was the song that Terry Ward - of Junglies and Bananaman fame - created a series based on the song on behalf of FilmFair Productions. Written by Richard Everett and Bernie Kay, the series also featured the voices of Tony Robinson (Blackadder, Time Team, Maid Marian and Her Merry Men) and renowned Scottish Singer Lulu, who not only sung the theme tune but also voiced the titular character =)

As with the song, the series followed the adventures of Nellie as she tries to head back home to the jungle, all the while coming across and helping various characters on the way.

Below are several episodes to watch via the Playlist before checking out the other links below - either if you remember the series from your youth or just like the song =)

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