Friday, 19 March 2010

Yes I know....

....updates have been very lagging these past few weeks. But there have been several main reasons why that's so:

- my computer's gone bust again thanks to a broken cooing fan. Just got to wait for the part to arrive, leaving me lack of Photoshop and (not-so) recent art pieces
- all recent internet activity is being covered on my laptop, which is slow as heck and a wonky wireless connection to boot
- job centre has also been breathing down my neck, which has left me pressured with over-doing it with job search after job search...with only 6 more weeks to go... XP

So new arts maybe sometime - but don't despair folks. I'll try and keep this blog active with future vids and animation reviews to come, featuring old and new 'toons...hence the blog header.

Always good to have a fall back, doesn't it? ;D

In short, stay tooned, and thanks for your patience 8-)

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