Tuesday, 15 February 2011

RIP Cosgrove Halls...

It was with a heavy heart that one of Britain's great animation studios closed its doors 2010 New Year's Eve...while this may not be news to those who already know, it's time for me to pay proper respects to it.

It really is a shame. 30 years of top quality shows, films and characters that folks older than me can still remember and quote to this day - from great wonders like Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, Jamie & the Magic Torch to memorable/original adaptations of The BFG, the Wind in the Willows, The Foxbusters, Truckers - even the most obscure of productions such as Creepy Crawlies, Avenger Penguins, Victor and Hugo are still remember with great enthusiasm from old and...older alike purely because the cast and crew did what all cartoons were made to do:


Nowadays every pre-school show that comes on the market has to be made to educate and learn, talking down to kids as if their brains were the size of butterbeans and/or if the parents can't be bothered to make any effort whatsoever. Shows like DM, Duckula and the rest all worked because they made both kids AND adults laugh. Whether it's a groan-worthy pun or a brilliant over-their-heads joke that only Mum or Dad would guffaw at, it saddens my heart to know the last few productions churned out by CH up till their demise consisted of stuff like Engie Benjy, Fifi and the Flowertots and the revolting Eddie Retractorhead...

Sad. Truly sad =(

It was the place where greats such as Brian Trueman, Jimmy Hibbert and David Jason really shot to fame, where they were allowed free will over anything and everything without fear of offending anyone or being restricted in their talents. Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall were great inspirations for the writers and animators they took on board; they knew great talent and encouraged it. They were two of the greatest driving forces of British Animation anywhere. Again, another sad loss.

I just hope that, someday, all of Cosgrove Hall's films and shows will be made available on DVD to at least give the new generation decent entertainment when they're not too jumped up on whatever Japanese/American rubbish we'll be dumped with next. Show me a kid who adores Chortlon and the Wheelies and I'll show you a very happy 23-year-old chap who wants to follow in the steps of the greats mentioned above - to someday become the next Trueman or Hibbert - to be given a chance to show something really original and fun and...lots more =)

So to see this blog post out, here's some fond memories from Cosgrove Hall, with many thanks to the WayBack Machine for rediscovering the old CH websites to dig these out from.

Oh, and be sure to check out Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain. It may not have been updated in donkeys-years, but it's got more information on the studio's history and shows than any other source anywhere. Well worth it to discover or rediscover something different...

So all that's left to say is:

"Faaaaaangs for the mem-o-ries...!"

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  1. A real shame indeed...somehow, I don't think we'll ever have their like again, sadly. But at least we've got the memories.