Sunday, 20 February 2011

"Touche, to me!"

When Cosgrove Hall was still alive and producing many great shows throughout the 90's, Fantomcat was one of them. It is one of many shows that is always brought up in any animation-related conversation. Long before the PC Brigade took full root on all that is dreary, lame and "safe", this show was surprisingly dark - not your average talking animals/insects series, no Sir! On-screen assassinations, guns, the odd "Damn" and "Hell" remark. times have changed 0_o

Rewatching the first seven episodes that have cropped up online, I'm glad to be old enough to understand it better -
including several jokes that would have gone way over my head at the time it was released.

It also proudly featured the vocal talents of Robert Powell, Lorelei King, Jimmy Hibbert and Rob Rackstraw. So no wonder so many mates of mine in the same age-group often recall this series!

And in case anyone is unfamiliar with this show, you can view the first episode below - well worth your time:

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