Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Among many artists and shows that have influenced me greatly, Peter Maddocks is one of them. Born and bred in Birmingham, he made a name of himself by drawing cartoons for British Newspapers such as the Daily Express, next to a collection of glorious paintings which he creates in Southern Spain to this day.

Penny Crayon can draw anything she likes...
But my first experience of Maddock's work was through Children's BBC in the form of three individual shows: The Family-Ness, Penny Crayon and Jimbo and the Jet-Set. Each have Peter's trademark of resembling an "animated comic strip" - with on-screen sound effects displayed - and like a proper comic should (here's looking at YOU, Marvel =P ), they just have fun telling a good story with memorable characters.

All three of Maddock's shows probably wouldn't have received the same fond memories to date without the vocal talents of Peter Hawkins and Susan Sheridan (Su Pollard for Penny Crayon) and Father and Son composers Roger and Gavin Greenaway.

Yes, these were my top faves at that young age I saw them, but it was Jimbo I first saw on a little VHS video, which I still have tucked away somewhere for memories' sake. I'll never forget how much me and Mum would giggle madly at the silly but clever episodes featuring that junior jet-plane. And the Greenaway's soundtrack also sowed the seeds for my love of synthesized music - corny to some, but the 80's / 90's just wasn't complete without memorable music to go with.
The Nessies have come out to play.
And it was when I first discovered Family-Ness and Penny I couldn't help but think: "why does Penny's friend sound like the Chief Controller?" or; "Hey, that boy almost sort of sounds like Jimbo!" before I finally made the connections...

Why not check out Peter Maddock's official website to view more of his work - or check out an episode of Jimbo below to revive those old memories...or make new ones, one or the other ;-)


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