Sunday, 17 June 2012

DC Nation Shorts

While I'm not really a regular reader of anything DC / Marvel-related, I will admit that this looks really cool.

As part of the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network US, Warner Bros. have released a mini-series entitled DC Nation shorts which, as the name suggests, gives various animation teams the chance to tell mini-adventures of some of our favourite super hero characters. Amongst the majority readily available online, these are considered my faves:

Plastic Man - originally released as a pilot for an animated TV Series by Tom Kenny, Andy Suriano and Stephen DeStefan, these new shorts very much take full advantage of the traditional "squash-and-stretch" methods.

Super Best Friends Forever - created by Lauren Faust (of the current My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic reboot), we see Super Girl, Wonder Girl and Batgirl team up to fight crime - and do other "super awesome fun stuff" too.

DC's World's Funnest - in keeping with their award-winning series Creature Comforts, Aardman Animations showcases kid-versions of Superman, Catwoman, Batman and Robin and the Joker as only they know how.

Various other shorts include Mad Presents..., Doctor Fate, Catwoman, and the familiar return of Teen Titans. Only a matter of time until these bite-sized little wonders are made available to the United Kingdom I shouldn't wonder...but check them out whichever way you can. A true definition of "Short but Sweet".

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