Saturday, 30 June 2012

Zig and Zag!

Anyone who has lived through the 90's in Britain would know who these extraordinary extraterrestrials are...

Created and performed by Irish actors Ciaran Morrison and Mick O’Hara, Zig and Zag were insane alien puppets who first started out in RTE’s Dempsey’s Den (1987). The pair didn't receive global attention until they were moved to one of Channel 4's most popular programmes (and no, Big Brother doesn't even top it in my books) - The Big Breakfast - alongside future DJ star Chris Evans.

As you may tell from the playlist below, it's evident why these two are so remembered by fans alike:

When The Big Breakfast aired for the last time, the pair gained their own series for ITV, and continued their fame with a wide selection of merchandise and further insanity - including a top UK single "Them Girls Them Girls".

In recent years, the pair appear to be making a gradual comeback. They've appeared on Big Brother's Little Brother to interview past contestants and, more surprisingly, plans are afoot for an animated series set to air come 2013, courtesy of Dublin-based Double Z Productions and Co. and animation house Flickerpix.

So watch this space...!


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