Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Snuffy Smith - It's Better To Give

Even in Hooter Holler, Christmas is as celebrated as anywhere else!
Snuffy Smith (and Barney Google) had been adapted for animation and live-action respectively a few times in the past - in the late 1920's by Barney Hellum for F.B.O Pictures, then in the mid 1930's by Charles Screen Gems Studios through Columbia Pictures. But it was Paramount Cartoon Studios in the 1960's where Snuffy and Barney held their ground in the medium.

Part of the King Features Trilogy (one out of three comic strips to be animated, the other two being Krazy Kat and Beetle Bailey), Snuffy Smith ran for 50 episodes and featured the vocal talents of Paul Frees and GeGe Pearson. The entire series can be found in the Advantage Cartoon Mega Pack on DVD if one is fortunate enough to come across it.

But here's a festive episode for y'all t'enjoy. Great Balls o' Fire!

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