Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Willows In Winter (1996)

Even though my heart will always remain true to Cosgrove Hall's adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's timeless Wind in the Willows, William Horwood's sequels should receive equal admiration for capturing the original spirit of Grahame's characters and text. Each little hidden gems in their own way, intertwined with flawless continuity.

In fact, the first sequel penned by Horwoods, The Willows in Winter, was adapted for animation by HIT Entertainment and TVC for Carlton UK, just over a year after they had brought to life their vision of the first original book - and with its beautiful hand-drawn animation and well-chosen cast, it has in itself remained a much-loved favourite to many since.

Featuring the voices of Alan Bennett, Michael Gambon, Michael Palin and the ever-enthusiastic Rik Mayall!

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  1. I thought it was quite well done.

    Kinda made me wish there was a "Wind in the Willows" fan club of sorts I would join in school just for that (instead of Harry Potter I saw recently at a school gathering).