Saturday, 3 May 2014

Booklet Designs - August 2013

Back in August last year, I was placed on a "Mandatory Volunteer" Course, being one of a handful to assist a Community Centre in outer London. Recognising that I had Graphic Design skills, I was tasked with designing the layout of their booklet. The result was very different to what I thought would be useful and attractive in comparison to their ideas, but all the same I managed to gain some experience during my short time there.

Below are some of the original illustrations I created to headline each topic they wanted to cover in the booklet. These were considered "too abstract" to use;

Below is a double-page spread of the page outline. The purple, they thought, seemed too "feminine" so I swapped it with yellow. And the arrow-fingered hand was meant to be pointing to a map, until I was instructed to shrink the map itself down to a quarter of the page (about as big as two of the people in the running boarder below);

In the end, we worked out a compromise - they did allow some illustrations to decorate the booklet as long as they were "universal but friendly". So I did some fast workarounds;

 I can't think why I didn't think of sharing these until now. Maybe because I was tired of seeing them sitting in the Draft section for so long. So here ya go :P

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