Friday, 18 September 2009

Boom Da Boom

At the time it was on, Disney's House of Mouse was a tremendously clever series, and was more than just another form of showcasing the modern day shorts previously shown under the title "Mickey Mouseworks" - the creators and writers of this series knew how to treat the characters; they adored everything relating to Disney and, naturally, was filled with in-jokes and references a-plenty - some new to the younger generation but at the same time familiar and hilarious to the older, "veteran" Disney fans.

This, IMO, is the funniest thing that came out of this series. Nothing is scarier than seeing "Peg Leg" Pete dancing in a pink tutu, but it's worth it to hear Jim Cummings' fantastic take on Goldo's Boom Da Boom. The animation is one big dizzy trip - surreal but, again, funny as Hell XD

Here's the actual footage for your enjoyment. But as I couldn't find the full English version, I took the footage of a German clip instead and replaced it with the proper soundtrack 8-)

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