Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tom and Jerry Octopus

Any Tom and Jerry fan who has watched "Tom and Jerry Tales" will admit that, naturally, the TV Series will always be tamer than the original theatrical shorts. While that maybe so, the team behind it did manage to slip in a few Easter Eggs to long-time fans old and new, which included some familiar characters of the MGM "family" - mostly featuring Tex Avery's characters like Droopy or the "Rock-a-bye Bear" - but this guy rather surprised even me;

In this episode, an amorous French Octopus mistakes Tom, disguised as a mermaid, for a real one while the cat pursues after Jerry in an underwater chase.

Little did I knew that the Octopus (a poor squid's Pepe le Pew, some may consider) featured much sooner in the 1953 MGM movie "Dangerous When Wet", starring Esther Williams. In one part of the film, she encounters Tom and Jerry in a surreal dream sequence, which is where our eight-legged friend came in...
While a full episode of the Tom and Jerry Tales entry is unavailable, I thought it'd be better to show the Esther Williams scene - just because! ;)

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