Monday, 8 November 2010

Quaq Quao

Recently I have just got into another blast from the past - brought to us by Misseri Studios this very charming little series about a playful ducking who encounters different animals and learns new "languages" about each one.
Based solely in Italy, Misseri Studios are one of many European places that still rely on traditional animation methods for quality children's entertainment; proudly demonstrated with claymation (Mio Mao, Red and Blue), sand (A. E. I. O. U), water (Pozzie) and paper origami models (this series). They are even the masters behind the stop-motion series Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures via Sesame Street, so that says a LOT for this studio's efforts when every other studio and series is suddenly turning CGI on us.

So for your enjoyment, here's a QuaqQuao eppie to sample Misseri's amazing quality =)


  1. This was neat. I've never seen a film done with origami figures before.

    Thanks for sharing, Chris

  2. I have to second what JSmith said. This is probably the freshest animation style I've seen in years.

    I especially liked the smooth interaction between the duck and the world around him. Oh, and 'Guinea Wheel Horsie'. Just because.