Saturday, 6 November 2010

"The Return of El Kabong"

To get rid of the last blog post, here's a more fun comic storyline to enjoy - this, sadly, was a reprint of the comic formally known as "Toonerang" (The home of Boomerang UK, when it used to show regular repeats of Hanna-Barbera, DePatie-Freleng stuff as the US do), so I've no clue when this storyline was first printed in whichever magazine overseas - nor if any original dialogue was altered in this reprint.

Anyhow, it's quite a fun story that keeps the spirit of Mike Maltease's wild style fresh with some peachy-keen artwork. And apparently, Guitar Showmanship (or smashing of the instruments) seemed to have originated as far back as roughly 1964, at least according to this story:

"In 1964, while playing at London's Railway Station nightclub, Pete Townsend was having trouble with his Rickenbacker. The electric guitar was buzzing and humming, so Pete tried shaking it around, but accidentally hit the low ceiling. To his complete amazement, the guitar broke in half. Pete, thinking quickly, acted as though it was part of the act and started stomping on the guitar and completely destroyed it, and so guitar smashing was born."

SOURCE: The History of Guitar Smashing

Seems a little out of the time zone, though, considering that both Quick Draw and El Kabong were "born" sometime before 1959, a few years before Pete's memorable incident. All the same, it still makes for a neat comic to read =)

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  1. Guess what my Halloween costume is going to be? I restrung my sister's beat-up six string, pulled out my cowboy hat and boots. All I need is a cape...