Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Willows...the Tales you have told me...

Out of all the countless and countless of adaptations made in the past, present and future, my all-time favourite version of "The Wind in the Willows" has to be the Cosgrove Hall successor.

Next to the carefully-chosen cast members and the stunning realism of its stop-motion animation, it's the writing that truly won me over. Obviously starting with the film, Rosemary Anne Sission and Brian Trueman kept the writing of the series directly in the faithful roots of Kenneth Graham's own style and characters - long after they had adapted all the original Willows stories (some that became TV Series episodes which weren't included in the first film) and also not afraid to show some "dark" tales, too - long before PC Nonsense reared its ugly head.

And the fact this spanned two feature-length films and five seasons is no surprise in my books. If you haven't bought the complete DVD Collection or have yet to see any of the episodes - DO SO. Then perhaps we can introduce today's hyped-up generation to decent children's television....

And believe it or not, this is my attempt at realistic drawings ^^;

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