Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tom and Jerry - Something Extra

Hopefully, this'll be the last of my Tom and Jerry-related blogs - I hope you've all enjoyed reading what I've posted and not be bored by it! ;)

But as a little something extra, here's a few more additional vids featuring T&J that I couldn't squeeze in with their history within and beyond MGM.

 Early in their theatrical careers, Tom and Jerry played their first big break in Gene Kelly's Anchors Away! (1945) - featuring the most memorable scene where Jerry (voiced here by Sara Berner, who went uncredited for various little guy/female roles, including Mama Buzzard, Sniffles Mouse and Chilly Willy) shares a dancing duet with Gene himself....and which was bastardised by Seth McFarlene and his crew much later on =P

Then they appeared in Esther William's 1953 movie Dangerous When Wet in a dream sequence, where they help protect her from an amorous octopus - which I've covered already in a previous blog post.

And since MGM's Cartoon Studio closed up shop, T&J were outsourced to various studios where, along the way, the original cartoons found their way to television; despite being edited by the Censor Police at most (either replacing Mammy Two-Shoes with an Irish Woman or cutting out violent/racial scenes), at least this way Hanna and Barbera's work were still recognised through various repeats and airings.

Not only that, but they were also featured in various adverts and commercials, most of which have been made or produced here in the United Kingdom, which is one of T&J's biggest European fan bases next to the US - whether it be for Colgate Toothpaste or the latest Ford Mondeo, before Spike and Tony came along, it's good to know that the directors of said adverts knew how to treat Tom and Jerry as they are, and not as a money-making feature-length which loses all their winning quality as a whole :P

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