Monday, 17 October 2011

From the Ashes...

...rises the Phoenix!

This isn't technically "new" to report, but for those of you who have been out of the loop, I'll give a brief update:

Back in February earlier this year, I gave a sombre yet loyal salute following the closure of Cosgrove Hall Films - a huge loss for British animation.

But then came a huge surprise to us Brits when, in August 2011, Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall came out of retirement to reopen their new studios in Stockport, Cheshire, alongside new partner, co-funder and Jakers! creator Francis Fitzpatrick.

....thus, Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick was born, and already they have two new shows in the pipelines, Pip and The Hero Gliffix, both which look and sound quite promising.

Personally, though, while I am over the moon to see Brian and Mark back in the animation field, I rather wish they'd go back to their glory days and start creating "wacky" shows again - the sort that made legends of Danger Mouse, Count Duckula and even Foxbusters. There are plenty of shows in the pre-school market being offered by other studios - so let's hope CHF start producing more of the fun stuff again for us abnormal, mad fans.

...although the less said about Eddie Retractorhead, the better....blechh >(

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