Monday, 31 October 2011

Mike Pearse - A Nightmare on Bash Street!

Just in time for Halloween, here's one of Mike Pearse's "extra l-o-n-g" stories from 2000, featuring the Bash Street Kids.

With no disregard at all for David Sutherland's long-standing career, what I love about Mike's Bash St. comics is how he injects more character to the kids - Spotty became a loud-mouthed practical joker, Sidney a cocky wannabe, and even Plug displays intelligence amongst his ghastly features. All different and perfect for character interactions to play from.

In fact, considering how many extended stories Mike has penned for the Bash Street Kids, I wouldn't be surprised if these were considered his favourites to work with, next to The Three Bears!


  1. I love Mike Pearse's work! He's so inspirational! I have all his Beano stories

  2. I love The Beano and i thin this is the first Beano i have ever read, which has only one topic!

    1. I made a mistake! "I love The Beano and i thin...". What i meant was "I love The Beano and i think...". Thanks!