Wednesday, 2 November 2011


There's a personal quote of mine I tend to live by: "Being normal is boring - it's more fun to be mad!" And that same theory seems to have worked very nicely for Spike Milligan himself.

Anyone who has heard of or listened to The Goon Show should obviously know who Spike Milligan is. His warped, manic sense of humour has left a lasting impact to those who are inspired to follow in his footsteps - walking backwards to Christmas all the way!

In fact, Spike was also a hit for children's television once his radio days had long since passed. Next to narrating Honeycomb Animations' Wolves, Witches and Giants and writing Badjelly the Witch (as well as countless children's books and poems), he may also be remembered for The Ratties - created and written by Mike Wallis and "daughter of 'Eccles'" Laura Milligan. But going by the mad giggling in the episodes below, one can only suspect that Spike had sneaked in a few dozen improvs during recording...!

Once again, to whom so ever owns the rights to this show - DVD release plezthanx.


  1. Nickelodeon in the US use to play these a few times 20 years ago I recall.

  2. The Rights for The Ratties TV series are owned by Mike Wallis and Laura Milligan