Monday, 7 November 2011

Fester Fish!

Aaron Long is one of these guys that Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc desperately need now more than another Spongebob / Beiber marathon fest. Next to being a fantastic music composer, he's got a very sharp sense of humour, which has been let loose since he took to his hand in animation.
Fester Fish is pleased with his growing popularity!
From his early days with Slick Nick Private Dick, he really took off when he brought to us Space Goose and Fester Fish, both which have become Internet favourites since. It's not just the creative storytelling and characters that Aaron has produced (with inspiration from the 1920 rubberhose cartoons of yesteryear), but the fact that he uses Flash (and Photoshop for BGs) to animate frame-by-painstaking frame instead of the lazy "tweening" method one sees nowadays from Flash-based 'toons - and that he, he alone, created these with no funding from anyone as a regular one-guy studio - shows that any artist / animator with enough patience, skill and guts can produce equally fun results. short, if TV fails, make your own entertainment!

Although these have been featured on Cartoon Brew already, I just can't help but share his two Fester cartoons further. Be sure to check out his DeviantART and Blog pages for further development in his style and plans for future shorts to come =)

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