Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mr Potato Head - The Comic Strips

Ever since Pixar's Toy Story came out, I can never imagine viewing my old Mr Potato Head toy without hearing Don Rickles's memorable tones first. The character's popularity has obviously grown far more since the Toy Story Trilogy, though he was already popular long before then. Next to a short-lived TV Series that almost no one seems to remember, he was also granted a sizeable life as a comic strip character.
Designed and drawn by Jim Davis and Brett Koth, famed for Garfield and U. S. Acres, I remember reading this with great delight on the old ucomics website (now under the name of GoComics). Featuring Mrs. Potato Head and their two kids, Chip and Julienne, the humour centred on various subject in the strips' run - family life, handing a new job, taking advantage that all the characters have removable body parts...or in Brett Koth's case, complete surreality that invaded Orson's Farm... XD

The strip's actual run escapes me as it's been so long, but at a guess I think it started out somewhere in July 2002 until June 2004 est. At the beginning of its run, a collection of the first batch of strips was made readily available in a completion book for his 50th birthday.

So here's a healthy selection to enjoy anyway!


  1. I don't remember particularly liking this one myself, and only ever found out about it because of those typical paperback books of strips at a book store since it wasn't offered in my local paper anyway.

  2. I'd never seen this one before. Came across a mention of it when looking up Jim Davis because of U.S. Acres on GoComics. I like it. Original ideas. Doesn't matter to me that there may have been a limited amount of ideas for it. The ideas he came up with are funny. I also read that U.S. Acres was criticized for being "plot-less". What?!?! Think of how many comics out there are just individual jokes. Does there need to be a plot to be funny? I think not!

  3. Why was Mr. Potato Head's comic strip and TV show short lived? Because of Toy Story?