Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ant and Aardvark

I will not deny that I adore DePatie Freleng's "The Ant and the Aardvark". Two Johns immediately come to mind that made this series so memorable:

John Byner - top comedian and impressionist at the time, supplying the vocals for both title characters (Aardvark was Jackie Mason and Ant become Dean Martin).

John Dunn - DFE's top writer and storyboard guy. Literally wrote for at least 97% of DFE's cartoons, this series included. He had a obscure, original sense of humour which thankfully rubbed off on the rest of the writing team during his time.

And of course, a present-day "John" we should give thanks for - John Over - for maintaining the original surreal wackiness of the series (and more!) in their recent opening under "Pink Panther and Pals". Although Pinky is always on-screen, WHY is it neither Ant nor Aardvark are never ever mentioned or seen in the adverts on TV, I ask you???

So yeah, this was another "drawn from memory" sketch during my holiday. A combo of their original designs and their modern day appearance in PP&P. I highly recommend seeing both the original and present day shorts for a proper Laugh-Out-Loud cartoon.

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  1. You did these two justice alright. :) I've yet to see any Ant and Aardvark shorts myself, but I'll take your word for it on them.