Thursday, 16 September 2010


Since making a recent post "dedicated" to DFE's "Ant and Aardvark" series, I cannot express further great delight in how well Director/Writer John Over and his team have taken this memorable duo and retained their original, wild humour in the same spirit as John Dunn had before, even with a slightly modern redesign. Visually, it clearly surpasses the "star" of Pink Panther and Pals in terms of animation quality and storytelling without it becoming too slow-paced or confusing - more of that in another post if anyone's interested.

Really, I'm glad John's crew were given more creative freedom for this segment; there are so many hilarious scenes to pin-point and study when you see them on TV - even better when you can grab them online and/or DVD for further analysis. Stuff that has been sorely missed with everything turning CGI or "tweened" nowadays. In fact, given the beautiful frame-by-frame quality of these, you'd never have known that this series was animated in Flash/ToonBoom at all!

So by the miracle of YT, here's some choice scenes for your ooglie-eyes, some to be featured in another upcoming blog post:

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